The Elixir of Life

Dean’s Beans
Coffee is a serious matter. So are organic, fair trade, shade grown, and so forth, which meant my taste buds were at war with my social conscience. Then I found Dean’s Beans, which satisfies on every level. I am at peace. Not only is the coffee good—really good—but the prices are reasonable (order 4 or 5 pounds at a time, and the shipping cost works out to very little).* I recommend Oromia blend if you like your coffee dark and rich. Here’s another reason for loving Dean’s: I placed an order and accidentally made the wrong shipping selection, which slowed down delivery (this is after I’d been a customer for about two years; what was I thinking?). I didn’t know what was wrong, and when my coffee didn’t arrive with its usual alacrity, I called in search of my order. Two days later, a package arrived, a pound of Oromia, labeled “Get You Through Brew.” The error was totally mine, but they sent me a little present anyway. (And two days after that, my order arrived.) Dean’s.

* I wrote this post in Sept. 2010. In Nov. 2011, I’m updating it to say that while the prices of coffee and shipping have increased a bit, Dean’s remains a bargain. Out of curiosity, I compared the cost of ordering 4 lbs. of my favorite Dean’s blend (at $8.95/lb.) with that of 4 lbs. of Starbucks least expensive blend (House, at $11.95/lb.). Even with shipping added, I saved $9 by ordering Dean’s organic, fair trade. Huzzah!

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