Update: “Burn a Koran Day” For God Sake?!?!

The clearly-demented, marginally-literate pastor of a small, cult-like fellowship has decided to cancel his book-burning event, earlier posted about here.

Of course, I’m glad Terry Jones has called off his little party. But the story now is centered on whether Jones is really just a publicity hound, someone whose antics are no more news-worthy than the Balloon Boy family’s reality-show-seeking stunt. It’s the old “don’t give a a naughty child attention for being naughty; it’ll only encourage them” line of thinking.

And maybe that line of thinking is right. If Terry Jones and his band of followers are a teeny tiny attention-seeking anomaly, perhaps they should have been ignored. But how do we know? When books were burned in Germany, in the south, did people think, “eh, it’s just a few nutty people; it won’t get any worse than this”? That’s what I’m wondering. How do we know when it’s bad enough to start paying attention? Or should we start paying attention before it gets that bad? Is a planned book burning not heartbreaking if it’s just a few dozen people who are involved? I don’t hava any answers. What do you think?

Shana Tova. Eid Mubarak.

2 Responses to Update: “Burn a Koran Day” For God Sake?!?!

  1. notforlack says:

    ignoring these events seems to me, personally, a recipe for assuring their continuation. in a hyper-technological age, i think the reporting of something like this is ultimately inevitable. the question becomes, then, in what context does the discussion take place? perhaps the problems lies in news programs which merely restate stories instead of encouraging a meaningful discussion of what has taken place. in other words: there’s a difference between “giving a bad kid attention” and highlighting his decisions to open a forum to consider whether they were good or bad and the underlying reasons for their “goodness” or “badness”.

    further – while it is true that a child may stop throwing “hissy fits” in front of his parents when he realizes they are unsuccessful.. i think a child with an infinite array of possible “parents” will simply start throwing a tantrum in front of somebody else.

    • Excellent points. It’s true, many of our media outlets fail miserably when it comes to looking below the surface, the soundbite, the schock/entertainment factor. I appreciate your sharing your thoughts about it – I think this is worth talking about.

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