This American Life

Even the people behind this radio show (also available online and by podcast) don’t know how to describe This American Life. Each week there are several unrelated stories that are somehow related (though not always in obvious ways) to a central theme. The occasional one-story episode delves deeply into a single topic, like the U.S. health care system (who really is responsible for inflated health care costs – doctors? insurance companies? patients? – it’s far less black and white than you might think) or the mortgage and banking crisis. Some episodes are deeply moving, while still others are just plain entertaining. There are hits and misses, but week to week the subject matter is so wide-ranging that there’s sure to be something for almost everybody.

2 Responses to This American Life

  1. Rick Stone says:

    Thanks for reminding me about this show. I used to tune in a lot, mostly when I was in my car on the way to gigs. I rarely listen to the radio at home, and since there haven’t been so many gigs, I kind of forgot about it. You’re right, it was usually entertaining and informative. Nowadays, I tend to do most listening on my ipod, but I see that the show is available as a podcast as well

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