Notes for Memoir: Because it Happened to ME!

Outline for Book [not sure how to do outline. . . Roman nmrls? M, X…???? those are letters, sooooo. . . . not sure. . . . I’ll just do it my own way, haha!]

Okay. Four weeks ago I fell and broke my ankle. This memoir will share with readers the experiences of that life-changing experience. [note: find alt. word for exp.] I will literally relate in graphic [minyute? specific?] details the experience [find alt word!] of the actual fall [note: research physics of falling down??????], which took about probably 2 seconds total, but by describing what happens in detail I should be able to describe it over the coarse [course?] of several pages, bringing the reader visserally into the experience[find alt word!!] I will describe [alt. words for “describe”?] the twenty minute ride to the ER [1st time in ambulance–expand! describe surroundings & EMOTIONS], the hideous incompetence of the ER staff, who neglected to order xrays immediately, attending instead to some pregnant woman who didn’t feel good [verbal eyeroll? search the better emoticons]. Later I will share in exhaustive detail the exhausting experience [FIND ALt. WORDS!!!] of using crutches. . . how much pain I did or didn’t have each day of this experience [fREAKING word!!]. . . Percocet vs. Tylenol. . . the 3 HOUR WAIT to see the orthopedist in Manhattan. . . trying to enjoy a restaurant when there is NO PLACE TO PUT YOUR FOOT UP. . . the literally changing colors of the bruises, day by day [could take up several pages!] . . . the uplifting elation of, after hours on phone with insurance company, of receiving knee stroller (though a cheap one that did not even come with rotating wheels or a basket) that allows me the FREEDOM of going [to go?] from kitchen to other rooms while carrying a cup of tea, which, think about it, you cannot do while on crutches!. . . the abject [? look up] humiliation of hauling myself up and down the stairs on my ass. . . .  And, finally, the transformative [transforming? transformational? note: look up] lessons learned from this life-changing experience [!!!!!!!!!], lessons that will benefit others, especially those who have not been through such a thing in there own lives. Examples:

1. Don’t rush. There is ice on the ground. Be aware. Saver every moment. [cliche?]
2. Turn lemons into lemonade [find less cliche way to say this], i.e. forced to stay at home because of limited mobility, inability to use subway stairs, and ongoing snow, slush, and ice, on the ground, I got A LOT of things crossed off my To Do list–yeah!
3. Things could be worse. [say more about this??]
4. Other things?

Marketing Plans (Ideas)
This book will focus only on the accident up through removal of the cast. What with spell-check, I should be able to complete this memoir shortly after removal, and at the same time can start taking notes for sequel about physical therapy experience[!!!!!!!! find out if there’s some kind of website or something to look up different words, like other words (synonyms???????) for the same things] Although I am sure that by honestly telling my own story, this memoir will reach the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life, who will then benefit in their owns lives from understanding the lessons I learned, the unfortunate reality is it may be too late to get on Oprah, given that this is her last season. [visions of MY BOOK as a surprise gift under every chair!!!!!] But there will be other opportunities. [idea!! start videoing self going upstairs on butt and post on youtube!] If nothing else, this experience [shit! shit! SHIT!] has taught me to make the most of whatever misfortune life throws your way, and actually grow and become a better person because of it.

• • • • • •

. . . which is just my way of saying how highly I recommend Neil Genzlinger’s article, “The Problem With Memoirs” in the New York Times Book Review, which I read in the actual newspaper, and which you can read online. Reading it was a most worthwhile, uh. . . experience.

4 Responses to Notes for Memoir: Because it Happened to ME!

  1. rickstonemusic says:

    Great post Andrea! (It got me to read the Neil Genzlinger article) So you mean we’re not going to have to buy the hardcover book of your “broken ankle” memoir? 😉 Hope that you (and your ankle) are doing alright.

    I don’t always get a chance to read your blog, but when I do it’s always a treat!

  2. really nice author and his text

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