Fact? Or Truth?

“What is the difference between fact and truth?” is the question before us for today’s “Let’s Blog Off.” The fact is I have only a few minutes to give to this entry (in part because I read several of the other entries, all of which were well worth the time it took), so I’ll keep it simple and say that on an intuitive level, “fact” seems measurable, quantifiable, provable. Truth, on the other hand, feels personal. Facts (example: Red Vines are far superior to Twizzlers) exist, whereas truths require thought, feeling, telling, communicating (I always eat more than my fair share of the Red Vines is a truth I’m not proud of, but there it is). Perhaps truth requires cognition, processing. Is it a fact that George Washington chopped down the cherry tree? Probably not, but the chopping down, or not, of a cherry tree is provable. It was chopped or it wasn’t. If it was, he did it or someone else did. But the facts seems less important than the truths in the story, don’t they? The truths are about honesty, courage, forthrightness. What we think and how we feel about those qualities. Finally, with apologies for giving such short shrift to this truly thought-provoking question, I leave you with this:

One Response to Fact? Or Truth?

  1. It seems like u truly understand quite a bit pertaining to this specific
    subject and this exhibits via this specific post, titled “Fact?
    Or Truth? ”. Thank you -Jaime

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