This is the first time I’ve had to update a post twice within an hour. Apparently the bill is back on the table. Story here. Are you Christian? Since the bill’s very existence is due to the influence of certain U.S. fundamentalists, how about organizing your church to speak out against it?

Update: Activism works! According to the Washington Post, “Uganda’s parliament appeared Wednesday to have dropped plans to debate a controversial bill that once proposed the death penalty for some gays and lesbians following an outcry from U.S. leaders and rights groups.” More here. As The New Civil Rights Movement points out, however, the bill “has ‘died’ and been resurrected several times before” (read the story here). TNCRM also notes the bill’s author’s ties to “The Family,” which you can read about here.

The “kill the gays” bill is back on the table in Uganda. According to the Center For Constitutional Rights, the bill “would impose the death penalty for a second conviction of consensual sex between two people of the same gender. It would also require family members, medical personnel, clergy and others to report people they suspect of being gay to the authorities or face long sentences of imprisonment.”

We must act immediately.
1) Contact the U.S. Department of State* at 202-647-6575 or send an email with a message to this effect:
“Please communicate with the Ugandan authorities immediately to express the U.S.’s strong concern about Uganda’s pending anti-homosexuality bill.”

2) Sign this petition right away; it will be delivered to President Museveni.

*If you’re not a U.S. citizen, please contact your country’s counterpart.

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