Just Listen: Terry Pollard

Where have I been? How is it that I never knew about Terry Pollard? I’ve researched jazz women. Hell, I was on the board of directors (with a stint as president) of International Women in Jazz. Yet I remained clueless. I have Michael Bloom to thank for hipping me to her most high hipness. Terry Pollard was born in 1931 and started her professional career at the age of 16. She had an impressive career for several years, then returned to Detroit (her home town) to raise a family, though she remained involved in the Detroit scene. She died in late 2009, at the age of 78. Read more here. But first, just listen ☟

2 Responses to Just Listen: Terry Pollard

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  2. Terry Dean Pollard says:

    Did name search glad to know someone with same namesake had talent. Sorry i didn’t know about her when she was living, i would have kept up on het music. Very talented lady..

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