UPDATE: Yes, It’s a Moral Issue

I know you understand: it’s a matter of civil rights, pure and simple. Denying the rights and privileges of marriage because of sexual orientation is no different than denying them on the basis of race or religion. The good news is that New York is poised to enact marriage equality. One more vote is needed in the Senate. Please call the following New York state senators and ask them to support marriage equality; please call right away.

UPDATE: I called all five senators even though I am not in their districts. I said something like, “I strongly urge the Senator to vote in favor of marriage equality. Civil rights under the law is moral issue; we cannot discriminate based on matters of identity.”  Truth is, staffers are simply taking tallies, for and against. But I took the time to explain my position in the hope that if the staffer wasn’t sure, my words might have an impact, and then their words might have an impact on their bosses. Please call:

Sen. Greg Ball (Putnam County) (518) 455-3111

Sen. Joe Griffo (Utica) (518) 455-3334

Sen. Mark Grisanti (Buffalo, Grand Island, Niagara Falls) (716) 854-8705

Sen. Andrew Lanza (Staten Island) (718) 984-4073

Sen. Jack Martins (Nassau County/Garden City) 518-455-3265

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