Update: The Best $37.50 I’ve Ever Spent

It’s been one of those weeks. No. It’s been many of those weeks. I’m feeling rushed and stressed and way behind the eight ball all the damn time. And I’ve nothing to complain about: it’s all good. Just too many deadlines and decisions and errands and tasks all at once, and though I’ve known people who thrive, who actually do better, when they’re over-scheduled, I’m not one of them. To break the stalmate of decision-making and shake off the oppression of a to-do list that’s mysteriously self-replenishing (how?!), I gave myself an hour to get to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It was blissfully uncrowded. Not to mention green and floral, and rejuvenating and refreshing as always. Even the fish and turtles in the Japanese garden pond seemed less crowded, more unhurried, than usual. I did, however, witness a fish attempt to kiss (or bite?) a turtle’s face; the turtle lazily flippered the fish away, and all was well.

The Best $37.50 I’ve Ever Spent
I’ve lived in Brooklyn since 2002, but I only just joined the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this year. It’s the smartest thing I’ve done in quite a while. Now I get in free, which means I’ll head over there even if I only have an hour to spare. Sure, the regular $8 admission would be well worth it even for only an hour, but let’s face it, I wouldn’t do it. Eh, I’d think, I only have an hour; I’ll go when I have more time. And then I wouldn’t. Now that I’m a member I’ve gone there more times in the last 3 months than I’d gone in the entire previous 7 years. And here’s the thing: when I step into that garden, everything else seems to fall away. Whatever’s bothering me, nagging at me, waking me up at 4 in the freaking morning — gone. $50 individual membership. $85 family/dual (somehow, when we joined there was a $10 discount, so it was $75). If you can’t make it, go virtually: here are pictures of my 2008 visit with my niece, Sharon, during the annual cherry blossom festival (heaven!). And here’s a list of botanic gardens throughout the world.

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