“UnF*** the World”

I went to see what was happening at Liberty Plaza and Occupy Wall Street with the Swiss photographer Juan Carlos Hernandez, who’s visiting New York (he’s got several days worth of photos and some pretty intense video, which you can see here). It was quite a sight, reminding me of days gone by, with scores of (mostly, but as you’ll see, not only) young people playing instruments, painting signs, tending to food or first aid or information or media areas, sleeping, speaking out, passionately. The police were around much of the perimeter (and where there weren’t officers there was the all-seeing camera eye), and seemed fairly relaxed; this was a couple days after the mass arrests (click the link above to Juan Carlos’ video to see some pretty upsetting footage) and the infamous pepper spray incident; I couldn’t help but wonder if, following that shameful display, orders from on high had been to chill.  The General Assembly was in session when I got to the park: people took turns speaking; since there’s no amplification, speakers use short phrases, which are repeated in turn by the listeners.  Here’s some of what I saw. Some of the signs are worth reading; just click on the middle icon the halt the slideshow: 

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