At Lookout Point

At Lookout Point
The seagulls arrive
For the early bird special.
Catch of the Day: starfish.
I wonder how a seagull
Filets its fish,
But none of them will let me see;
I get too close and they skitter away,
Much like I do from you
When I’m not sure there’s
Enough of me to go around.
I look up and see a gull,
Neck exposed,
Swallow a starfish whole.

Later we eat at that place in Queens
The one we’ve been driving by for years.
“Ali Baba!” we cry
Every time we pass,
And say we should go there,
Knowing we never will.
Until, well, here we are,
Early enough for the special.
It’s better than we’d imagined,
And also worse
And there’s plenty to choose from.
All we have to do is figure out what we want,
And make our wishes known.

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