A Grownup, That’s All

Every other Tuesday is #LetsBlogOff day, when bloggers write posts on the same pre-determined subject. I don’t participate very often (and serious kudos to those who do keep up with this lovely creative jump-starter), but here’s my entry for today’s topic: “What did you want to be when you grew up?”

When I grow up I want to be a grown up

I want to stay up as late as I want
I want to drive a damn convertible
And have matching shoes and handbags,
Like my mother

Want to be old enough to have a job
Pumping gas, like the boys,
And the right to eat nothing but candy
And rice
And grilled cheese sandwiches

I want the privileges of grownupness,
Nylons and lipstick
TV shows that come on late
The right to keep the door closed
To turn shoe boxes into houses,
And let the shoes fend for themselves

I’ll visit New Orleans and Greece
And have no husbands,
Only friends,
Including dogs
I’m gonna wear pants
All the time if I feel like it
And no turtlenecks, ever

I want to be a grown up
So I can learn how to snap my fingers
Curse without getting in trouble
Be a real lady
Make my own money and spend it
How I want, like on candy and poor people,
And have the right to sleep all day
Or take my own self to the library
Or wander off where I feel like it,
Without anybody freaking out,
Including me

When I grow up I want to be
A grownup
That’s all


11 Responses to A Grownup, That’s All

  1. L says:


    loved this: “I want to be a grown up/So I can learn how to snap my fingers/Curse without getting in trouble/Be a real lady” and “Or wander off where I feel like it,/Without anybody freaking out,/
    Including me” especially.

    great voice! thank you

  2. Joe Freenor says:

    This is a very slick take on the today’s subject. I remember watching a movie back in 1956 called “The Toy Tiger,” which dealt in part with a character played by Jeff Chandler who was a wonderful artist who had given it up to work as an advertising executive. At one point in the movie, Chandler was camping out with a little boy and drew a picture of the boy by the campfire. The kid commented on it and asked him why he didn’t do this sort of thing fulltime, to which the reply was that here was so many things that adults had to do that always forestalled their dreams. The kid replied, “But I thought when you were a grownup, you could do whatever you liked.” I was all of eleven years old at time, but that line always stayed with me, and all these years later I still live by it to the extent that I can. Because otherwise, as the kid would have said, what’s the point of being a grownup?

  3. I thought musicians never had to grow up?

  4. The underlying theme is the freedom to make choices (and freedom to make mistakes). Many adults dream of being a kid again. I actually like being grown up a lot more and for many of the reasons you gave in your piece. Nice work!

  5. Liz says:

    I like it! This made me smile as I read it.

  6. Paul Anater says:

    Terrific post. When I was a kid all I remember wanting to be was not a kid anymore. Brava!

  7. Ok so eating candy and wearing pants is fine, but No turtlenecks? Have you no aspirations to be an architect?

    Loved it thanks Marcus

  8. Wonderful post. You caught perfectly the ways children see life as a grown-up while allowing (supposed) grown-ups to see how much (or how little) of this comes true. And now I’m going to go buy myself some candy.

  9. carole says:

    I think you have captured my teenage son’s sentiments exactly! Very Nice!!

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