Drive-By Sunset

I love the painterly feeling of these photos. In fact, they make me want to paint! I took the pictures, but I take no credit, since all I did was point my camera and click at the scenery that sped by while my husband drove us homeward on Route 684 in New York. As far as I’m concerned these are  more than anything about a sort of chemical — perhaps alchemical is more apt, not to mention magical — reaction of sunset, window, and velocity. Click on the first image, and then you can scroll through the rest. I did a single adjustment in Photoshop to the fourth image, which caused the blues to emerge, but all the other colors you see are exactly what the camera captured.

2 Responses to Drive-By Sunset

  1. htwilliams22 says:

    Hi Andrea – These photos are very painterly, and evocative of a mood or memory. I love them too. Congratulations – you have just become an abstract expressionist using photography!! Why not?

  2. Thank you, Helen! I wish I could paint like that. 🙂

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