Love Letters To The Library

I’ve always called myself a library nerd. I was as excited as can be to get my library card at age five, a whole year earlier than normally allowed. I wanted it so badly that an exception was made for me;  all I had to do was show the librarian I could sign my own name, and I was in! A few years later, when I was old enough to hang out by myself, my dad would drop me off on Saturdays and I’d spend the whole afternoon wandering through words. Decades after that, when I was volunteering in a program that had me reading to a class of first graders, I arranged a field trip to the public library a few blocks away. I asked the kids if they knew who owned the library. Guesses included the librarian, the government, the school. No, I told them. YOU own the library. It belongs to you, and you, and you, and your teacher, and the librarians, and your families, and me. It belongs to all of us.

The public library is a thing of great beauty. It’s a place, it’s an idea, it’s a shining and enduring example of something right with the world, and I love it as much as I’ve ever loved any concept or thing. So you can imagine how this video hit me. 

Thank you to Back To the World for bringing it to my attention.

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