Scents Memory

It’s Let’s Blog Off! day, when participating bloggers write about a particular topic. Today’s subject is, “What Smell Takes You Back?” Now, this is something I can sink my teeth (or, er, my nose) into. See, it’s a subject that’s always fascinated me. How is it that a mere scent can stimulate a memory so powerfully that memory becomes feeling and feeling becomes–if only for a fleeting moment–reality? I’ve come to believe that time and space are a lot more malleable than our rational minds tell us they are. If you suddenly come upon a certain smell–let’s say it’s pancakes, and not not just any pancakes, but the very specific smell of the pancakes your grandfather made for you on your birthday, and suddenly the feeling of being right there in Grandpa’s kitchen is so strong that it feels as real as anything . . . well, who’s to say you weren’t actually there? I guess you could say I’m a bit obsessed with this idea, enough, anyway, that I wrote a song about it. Since I don’t have the sort of WordPress account that allows me to play the song for you here, I’ve decided to give the track away for free, just for today. My Valentine’s Day gift to you. You can download it here (scroll down a bit and look at the track listings on the left; you can also just listen to it if you prefer, and/or read the lyrics).

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