All Good Things

Every two weeks, the blogosphere comes alive when bloggers of all stripes weigh in on the same topic. After a great run, the Blog Off as it exists now will end of this week. The topic is essentially wrapping things up and saying goodbye.
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Yesterday we found out a dear old friend in Los Angeles had died the day before. We sure weren’t expecting that news. It was–it is–hard to take. After we got the call, there was nothing to do but make a few other calls. Then we sat and stared for awhile. And then we went about our business, slowly, strangely. My husband was glad he’d talked to her a few weeks before. I was glad I’d emailed and told her how thrilled I was that her book was being published–finally! During one of the lower points in the day my husband, who’d known her nearly thirty years, said: Isn’t it ridiculous that whatever made us, made us to be self-reflective beings with the desire to get close to people–and then those people can go at any moment, like an old timing belt? Isn’t it a sick joke?

Yes, I said. It sure is.


For whatever reason, we’re here for as long as we are; we don’t get to know when anyone’s timing belt will go, not even our own, and the thing that makes it tolerable is connecting with other people. Sometimes closely, sometimes not. Sometimes for a long time, sometimes briefly. But we connect.

Let’s Blog Off isn’t a decades-long friendship, and its demise is nothing like the death of a person. But it’s been fun, hasn’t it? And sometimes entertaining, and sometimes thought-provoking, and often moving. A kind of meeting house, an open mic, a place to gather with people you may not even know–yet you get to talk about real things.

Thank you, Paul and Gerard (and am I missing anyone?), for creating a platform for connection.

2 Responses to All Good Things

  1. Its been great to connect here, it’s been a blast and that won’t disappear. Sorry to hear about your friend. My condolences.

  2. rufusdog says:

    And thank you for everyone who contributed over the past couple of years. I like that the dog is turning off the lights 🙂

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