Wherein I Trip in a Gopher Hole: Montana Diary.2, Illustrated

If you missed Day 1’s installment, it’s here. Of course I’ve come to Project Vote Smart to work, but today’s Sunday, a day off, and when I planned to come this week, I didn’t even think about the fact that there’d be no working tomorrow–Labor Day–either. I’m assured they’ll have plenty for me to do during the four work days I’ll be here, and in the meantime I have the chance to explore my surroundings and work on the music I need to learn for the concert I’ll be doing in Bozeman a week from today.

From what I gather (and there’s a lot I still don’t know), most of the staff, and all the interns who come for ten-weeks stints, are in their twenties. Then there are the member-volunteers who normally come for two weeks. The ones I’ve met so far seem to be retirement-age; I think I’m the “baby” among them. The ranch is surrounded by mountains. Around me are lakes, trees, birds with calls I’ve never heard before and whose markings I’ve never seen, fields, a stream with a consistent trebly music punctuated by a hand-drum sound, lots of sky, all kinds of insects (three of which have already wound up in my bathroom, and as some of you may know, I’m not so good with insects). The wind and sun are playing a game, a variation on the one in the old fable: one makes you put your jacket on, the other makes you take it off, and back and forth, back and forth; must be great fun for them.

This morning I took a walk with Cathy, mentioned in yesterday’s post; she’s been here once before, so she sort of knows here way around the property. We got only slightly lost, which was fine, because you don’t really get lost, and everywhere you go there’s plenty to see and hear.

Time to show you some pictures. The first one (if these are in the right order) shows the veranda of the building my room is in (I took the picture from where I’m sitting right now, as I type). You’ll see Cathy fording the stream, then me about to do the same. Carved on a bridge crossing the stream, a quote from John Adams: “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people”; pretty much the raison d’etre for Project Vote Smart. The white thing on a piece of log? A salt lick (I had no idea.) Oh, I almost forgot: Gopher holes. In the field. Tripped on one and went down like a ton of bricks (I’m completely fine).

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6 Responses to Wherein I Trip in a Gopher Hole: Montana Diary.2, Illustrated

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  5. These photos are so beautiful Andee. What a great decision to get out of Dodge. Perhaps it is rehab of a different sort…….

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