Lilac Time

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 2.48.39 PMI should just set up a tent and move into the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Do you think they’d let me? I can’t really see why they shouldn’t. It’s gotten to where I need a fix at least every couple weeks, and if I can’t get it, I get real cranky. This is what happened yesterday. I’ve been waiting for the cherry trees to blossom, following the Garden’s CherryWatch Blossom Status map, which updates every few days to show how far along the blossoms are (that’s a screen capture at left). For days, the trees were in pre-bloom, then first bloom, and then, suddenly PEAK BLOOM, which means GETOUTTAMYWAY, PEOPLE. Because, you know, I have to see the blossoms NOW because they make me feel happy and loving and peaceful. Which, in fact, they do. And they did, even on a foggy day like yesterday. Oh, did I mention the lilacs? Holy garden of Eden, I wish I could do this post as a scratch and sniff, because the perfume of the largest grove of the largest lilac bushes you’ve ever seen is simply to die for. Enough talking. Time for pictures (oddly enough, I didn’t get a lot of cherry pictures this time, but this is also a great time of year for the afore-mentioned lilacs, as well as tulips, birds, and assorted humans). Click on any image to view as slideshow.

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