National Day Of Listening

I’ve written about Story Corps before, but Thanksgiving seems a good day to revisit this wonderful project. Story Corps records and archives stories from the lives of everyday people. You could say the folks at Story Corps are collecting the stories of our nation. These oral histories/memories/reminiscences are podcast, and I swear, these three, four, five minute oral histories frequently move me to tears. I just love Scott Macaulay’s Thanksgiving story. (And here’s my earlier post about Story Corps, where I linked to some other favorite stories.)

Story Corps has declared November 26th, 2010 The National Day of Listening. As an alternative to hitting the stores at 3 a.m. (what?!), they ask us to record and post our own interviews with people we love. They even offer a guide, which you can download here.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. There is much to be thankful for.